2-12-2018. Personal project for one year.

Since childhood I have always been obsessed by still life paintings by the old Dutch And Belgium masters, the process behind the works, the time it takes to complete a work. Even the knitted haunter still life works in the house of my grandparents. Balancing on the edge between masterpieces and kitch. Love it.

Some months ago i started this piece, at the end of summer. Summer is the time that i’m not that active in the studio, so a good period to start these kind of works. To build up layers, wipe them away and get back to it. The kind of process i love but didn’t take a lot of time for it in the last two years.

Maybe it’s an internet thing. Trying to step away from that for a fair bit.

Everything has to be directly done, or at least within a short time, to share it on social media. I do share it, but not every step in this process. Wondering to see where this goes in the next eight months, or maybe more, want to finish this one in spring 2020.

23-11-18. ‘Transition ‘ project in Berwyn, USA.

In June this year we completed a project together with Berwyn Public Art and Vertical Gallery, along the rail tracks in Berwyn, Illinois.

The railroad connects people, provides work for locals, a catalyst for society with a long history. The wall for the project is situated in a small park along the tracks so i kind of let the tracks grow in to the park, in a visual way.



When the evening falls, there is a permanent slowly changing light installation at the wall.


20-11-18 Collab with Threadless.


Been thinking about it for quite some time to do something different with the ”Head Studies’ watercolors i make. Together with Threadless we worked on the idea to make a shoe, and it’s here! And a hoodie too.

There are shoes, Bucketfeet, and hoodies online at www.cvds.threadless.com men’s and woman’s !

811 Fulton Market, Westloop, Chicago.

In October I went back to Chicago, for a project organised by Vertical Gallery.

For this project i wanted to paint a big still-life, a homage to Rachel Ruysch, a female still-life painter from the Netherlands.

Since childhood still-life paintings were always a huge inspiration, by Dutch or Belgian painters from the 1600/1700’s ¬†and for my last solo show at Vertical Gallery in June I made a ‘vase’ piece that reflects on that period of painting when painters took like two years to complete a piece, something that sounds strange now because it’s al rush rush to get everything done as fast as possible.

The concept was to take a Dutch still-life out of its context, and place it in a 2018 setting in the middle of the Chicago skyline in the new and upcoming Westloop area.

Thanks to Vertical Gallery, Shapack, and Joe Renda for being on that sketchy swing stage. Glad we didn’t need our lifelines.

Love Chicago.

Photos and drone footage by Instagram: devodare_chicago and Instagram: @drewinchicago

”No Concessions” at Vertical Gallery. June 2 – 23.

Here are the first photos from my current solo exhibition ” No Concessions’ at Vertical Gallery. This week I will update this post, with more photos and a travel report, and a mural in Berwyn too. A big thank you to Vertical Gallery and everybody that attended the opening. For almost two years I worked on the show so i’m very thankful that it’s so well received again like in 2016.


1016 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60622


Works in ”No Concessions”

Go here to read the article on Widewalls about the exhibition

Juxtapoz magazine studio visit.




20-4-18. Project with Super-A in Leuven, Belgium.

We just finished this project in Leuven, for Straatbeeld.

The bridge is located next to The Abdij in Leuven, Geldenaaksebaan.

For this project we painted different visitors from the garden at the Abdij,in the form of birds. Some of them are locals, others have only been seen a couple of times. Thanks to everybody that was involved in the past two weeks, for the help, apple pie, chocolate bunnies, and of course some delicious Belgium beers!

Video by Halfaway, urban video and photography.

#makeithappen project in Rotterdam. 29-3-18.

This week I was in Rotterdam for a project called ‘Make It Happen’, a serie of interactive walls in the city centre organized by Mothership Rotterdam
The concept is to create an interactive wall piece that invite people to actively become part of the artwork to create their own image for a photo. As part of the Make it Happen streetart project; city slogan of Rotterdam.

After many ideas that didn’t really work out I got kind of stuck with the interactive part, and on a early morning my 6-year old daughter came up with the idea ‘Dad listen, it’s quite simple, just hang a swing there so everybody can swing in the city’ Boom! The concept was there.

For the bird I chose a species that is active in the harbor of Rotterdam, the ‘Stern’ The painting part is done, the swing be installed soon, will do another post about the project.

Photos by: Martine Kiers.

Location: Karel Doormanstraat, Rotterdam NL. ( close to central station )

25-2-18. Studio.

Some shots in the studio from work in progress. Photos by Patrick Dreuning.

11-12-17. Art Spot Reno, Nevada with Troy Lovegates.

>Some weeks ago i travelled to Reno, Nevada for Art Spot Reno,to work on a collaborative wall with Troy Lovegates. Haven’t seen him for a while so it was good to team up again, this time on a rooftop from an old nightclub in the middle of Reno. He painted a US Native and i worked on a Blue Jay and Canadese geeses, both adding elements till the end.After seeing al the neons in the city it was good to visit some peacefull places like Pyramid Lake and Lake Tahoe. Thanks to everyboy i met during the time in Reno!