Collin van der Sluijs ( 13-5-1980)


****  Contact: collinvdsluijs@gmail.com


Works and lives in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

The work from Collin van der Sluijs has been publicated in magazines, books, and shown in galleries and project-spaces or walls in The Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Belgium, The U.S.A, Luxembourg, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain.

Exhibitions / Projects in cooperation (2000/2019) with:

Issue Gallery (FR), SCHUNK (NL) Anno Domini (US), Extrabold (L), Yves La Roche (CA) Brooklynite (US) MAMA (NL), Galeriet (NL), St.Art (NL), Biennale Firenze (IT), Overvloed (NL), Punct (NL), MOHS (DK), Inoperable (AU), Planet Patrol/Gallery Nosco (UK), K.O.P (NL), Glassworks (NL). Strasserauf-Elektricitaet (D), B32 (NL),  Ship Of Fools (NL), Thinkspace Projects L.A , Vertical Gallery, Chicago.


Modart Europe, The Ark, High Fructose online, Juxtapoz online, HEY magazine, B32 catalogue, Biennale Firenze catalogue, Streetwear Today, ”DRAW”Schunk, De Fish, Fontanel, Hype Beast, This Is Fly Magazine, IDN magazine.


1992/1996: V.B.O. Groot Stelle, Goes the Netherlands,

1996/2000:M.B.O. St. Lucas, Boxtel the Netherlands,

2000/2004: H.B.O. St. Joost academy, illustration, Breda the Netherlands, bachelor title.


Exhibitions.  Paintings and installations.


2000/2004: 13 groupexhibitions at Punct, Tilburg the Netherlands.

2003: Exhibition ‘Bruut’ at MAMA gallery Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2004: Groupexhibition’ Under Construction’, Vlaardingen, the Netherlands.

2004: Streetart exhibition, groupshow in Enschede, the Netherlands.

2004: Kunsttour Maastricht, Galerie Groen Licht the Netherlands.


2005: Walls Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2005: Galerie Groen Licht, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

2005: De Galeriet, Delden, the Netherlands.

2005: Kunsttour, Maastricht, Galerie Groen Licht, the Netherlands.


2006: Stadsgalerij Breda, groupexhibition’’Alias’ Breda, the Netherlands.

2006: Kunsttour Maastricht, Galerie Groen Licht, the Netherlands.

2006: K.O.P Breda, installation, collaboration paintings with Rutger Termohlen.

2006: Publication in ‘’Eigen huis & Interieur’’ magazine, custom designertoys..

2006: Effenaar Eindhoven, collaboration paintings with rutger Termohlen.

2006: Walls Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2006: Installation at ‘Solar festival’  3FM, Mtv, Extrema, Roermond, the Netherlands.

2006: Live painting for Dutch t.v. channel BNN, with Rutger Termohlen, the Netherlands.

2006: Espace Kodjo Paris, C215 project, France.

2006: Time Savers, Goes, the Netherlands, commission painting.


2007: Kunsthandel D’n Overvloed, Oss, the Netherlands.

2007: De Galeriet, Delden, the Netherlands.

2007: Designertoy custom show’ Double dutch’ the Netherlands.

2007: Kunsttour Maastricht, Galerie Groen Licht, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

2007: Galerie ‘ Aan de Rijn 2’’ Renkum, the Netherlands.

2007: Intoxicated Demons Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2007: ‘Wereld Witte de With’ grouppainting for Museum TENT, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2007: Interview for ‘’Week in week uit’’ magazine.

2007: De Galeriet, Delden, the Netherlands.

2007: Baby qee custom exhibition, Outland Records Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2007: Birth-cards for Cardwork, the Hague, the Netherlands.

2007: Publication in Dj Broadcast magazine, custom designertoys.

2007: Interview for Eves online, Italy.

2007: Publication in ‘De Fish’’ magazine, Levi’s backpockets illustration.

2007: Designertoy-project for the Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

2007: Affordable Artfair Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2007: Custom designertoys, exposed at Dutch Design Hotel’’ Artemis’’, Amsterdam.

2007:  The Florence Biennale, Italy. 1/9 dec.


2008: ‘’Baxbear’’ show, New Jersey, U.S.A.

2008: Kunsttour Maastricht, Galerie Groen Licht, the Netherlands.

2008: De galeriet, Delden, the Netherlands.

2008: Galerie Groen licht, Maastricht, the Netherlands. Solo exhibition.

2008: ‘’Untitled-Documents’’ tour 2008. Exhibition at Gallery Issue Paris.

2008: Interview in ‘’Streetwear2day’’ magazine.

2008: Publication the German board, surf, culture magazine SLACK

2008: FHM magazine,publication.

2008: ‘’Sweatshop’’ at KOP, Breda, the Netherlands.


2009 : Exhibition at ‘’Dn Overvloed, Oss, the Netherlands.

2009:  feb/march.Exhibtion with Rutger Termohlen, Bitches in Control at Gallery IssueParis.

2009:  Groupshow at Mohs gallery copenhagen.

2009:  Groupshow at Planetpatrol/ Gallery Nosco London.

2009: Groupshow at Brooklynite Gallery New York.

2009: Groupshow at Pure Evil Gallery London.

2009: Groupshow at Issue Gallery Paris.


2010: Groupshow, Glassworks Amsterdam.

2010: Duo-exhibiton with Derek Shumate at Brooklynite Gallerty New York.

2010: solo-show at Inoperable Gallery Vienna.

2010: Groupshow at Gallery Nosco London.

2010: Art Amsterdam, booth St.Art Gallery.

2010: Groupshow at Anno Domini Gallery, US.

2010: Duo-show with Rutger Termohlen at Issue Gallery Paris.

2011: Duo-show with Rutger Termohlen, Extrabold Gallery Luxembourg.

2011: Groupshow ”Glimmer” Anno Domini Gallery, US.

2012/ 2015: Various groupshows at 1AMSF San Fransisco, Vertical Gallery in Chicago, Inoperable Vienna, Projects for Red Bull with Your Own Agency, The Jaunt Project, exhibition at Glassworks Amsterdam. Wall projects in Austria, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium.

2014/ 2015 / 2016: Working for the technical staff at Museum De Domijnen in Sittard, the Netherlands

2016: Solo exhibition at Vertical Gallery Chicago.

2016: Mural at Lacuna Lofts Chicago.

2016: Aqua Artfair Miami curated by Vertical Gallery Chicago USA

2016: Collaboration mural With Super-A for Urban Nation in Berlin

2017: Groupshow at Pow Wow Hawaii curated by Thinkspace LA.

2017: Dupo-exhibition at 1AMSF Gallery in San Fransisco USA

2017: Groupshow at Vertical Gallery Chicago USA

2017: Mural in Breda for Blindwalls Gallery.

2017. Mural with Rutger Termohlen, Super-A in Heerlen.

2017: The Jaunt Project, Lastovo Croatia.

2017: Interior painting for Kaboom Hotel Maastricht.

2017: Groupshow for No limit Boras, Sweden. Curated by Thinkspace LA.

2018: Groupshow in Paris curated by Galerie Droste.

2018: Solo exhibition at Vertical Gallery, Chicago USA

2019: Mural in Lichtenvoorde, NL

2019: Groupshow at Vertical Gallery, Chicago.

2019: Project along the A15, Sliedrecht. Curation: Mothership Art Rotterdam.