2-12-2018. Personal project for one year.

Since childhood I have always been obsessed by still life paintings by the old Dutch And Belgium masters, the process behind the works, the time it takes to complete a work. Even the knitted haunter still life works in the house of my grandparents. Balancing on the edge between masterpieces and kitch. Love it.

Some months ago i started this piece, at the end of summer. Summer is the time that i’m not that active in the studio, so a good period to start these kind of works. To build up layers, wipe them away and get back to it. The kind of process i love but didn’t take a lot of time for it in the last two years.

Maybe it’s an internet thing. Trying to step away from that for a fair bit.

Everything has to be directly done, or at least within a short time, to share it on social media. I do share it, but not every step in this process. Wondering to see where this goes in the next eight months, or maybe more, want to finish this one in spring 2020.