811 Fulton Market, Westloop, Chicago.

In October I went back to Chicago, for a project organised by Vertical Gallery.

For this project i wanted to paint a big still-life, a homage to Rachel Ruysch, a female still-life painter from the Netherlands.

Since childhood still-life paintings were always a huge inspiration, by Dutch or Belgian painters from the 1600/1700’s ¬†and for my last solo show at Vertical Gallery in June I made a ‘vase’ piece that reflects on that period of painting when painters took like two years to complete a piece, something that sounds strange now because it’s al rush rush to get everything done as fast as possible.

The concept was to take a Dutch still-life out of its context, and place it in a 2018 setting in the middle of the Chicago skyline in the new and upcoming Westloop area.

Thanks to Vertical Gallery, Shapack, and Joe Renda for being on that sketchy swing stage. Glad we didn’t need our lifelines.

Love Chicago.

Photos and drone footage by Instagram: devodare_chicago and Instagram: @drewinchicago