24-3-2016 ´One Wall´ project by Urban Nation Berlin. Collab with Super-A

Last week Super-A and i made this collaboration in Berlin for Urban Nation Berlin, for the ´One Wall’project, in the ´Tegel ´ area. The wall is located at Neheimer Strasse 6. Thanks to Urban Nation team for having us. Good times! Photos by Nika Kramer for Urban Nation Berlin.

Text by Urban Nation: Good morning with a beautiful sunrise over Berlin … Early Bird gets the worm.. Progress shot#wip of the work by @mr.super_a and @collinvandersluijs for our One Wall project…part of the concept of this wall was based on this fact : the flocks form a tight sphere-like formation as in flight almost like a fish swarm same principle and by frequently expanding and contracting and changing shape without any sort of leader protect each other as a group from attackers. Each starling changes its course and speed as a result of the movement of its neighbor but how and who triggers the change exactly is unclear and yet all support the movements adjust and stay strong together as a unit ….another great Mother Nature concept.