#makeithappen project in Rotterdam. 29-3-18.

This week I was in Rotterdam for a project called ‘Make It Happen’, a serie of interactive walls in the city centre organized by Mothership Rotterdam
The concept is to create an interactive wall piece that invite people to actively become part of the artwork to create their own image for a photo. As part of the Make it Happen streetart project; city slogan of Rotterdam.

After many ideas that didn’t really work out I got kind of stuck with the interactive part, and on a early morning my 6-year old daughter came up with the idea ‘Dad listen, it’s quite simple, just hang a swing there so everybody can swing in the city’ Boom! The concept was there.

For the bird I chose a species that is active in the harbor of Rotterdam, the ‘Stern’ The painting part is done, the swing be installed soon, will do another post about the project.

Photos by: Martine Kiers.

Location: Karel Doormanstraat, Rotterdam NL. ( close to central station )