Mural Goes, 1/10 th july.

Summer is here! Just came back from the Mural Goes project. We had a blast! Go to the Mural Goes Facebook page to see a lot of photos fromthe past 10 days, a lot of process shots from all the walls that were done through the city.

Here is the first wall, painted by Rutger Termohlen and i, with local animals from Zeeland, the south west of the Netherlands where Goes is. The second wall we painted with the 3 of us, Super-A, Rutger Termohlen and i. This week i will post more photos from the project. Thanks to Super-A for the tight organisation, and Gemeente Goes of course and everybody that is involved in the project. Thanks!

Photos by Carel Bruring.

22-5-15. Mini portraits

Working on new series of work, one of the series i am doing at the moment is mini-portraits, 18 x 25 cm on 300 grams paper. Two of them are available HERE


One of many things i have been working on this month.


27-3-2015. Drawing

It is a bit more comic than i usually do, but had a lot of fun with this one, watercolours, pencil, ink on paper.


The observer, mixed-media on 300 grams paper, 13 x 18 inch.