11-12-17. Art Spot Reno, Nevada with Troy Lovegates.

>Some weeks ago i travelled to Reno, Nevada for Art Spot Reno,to work on a collaborative wall with Troy Lovegates. Haven’t seen him for a while so it was good to team up again, this time on a rooftop from an old nightclub in the middle of Reno. He painted a US Native and i worked on a Blue Jay and Canadese geeses, both adding elements till the end.After seeing al the neons in the city it was good to visit some peacefull places like Pyramid Lake and Lake Tahoe. Thanks to everyboy i met during the time in Reno!

‘Portrait ‘ groupshow at Vertical Gallery.

Portrait, A Holiday Group Show

Vertical Gallery is proud to present “Portrait”, our year-end holiday group show featuring an all-star lineup of local, national, and international artists, all creating 18 x 24 in. portraits in their unique style. The exhibition is December 1 – 30, 2017, with an opening reception on Friday, December 1st, 5:00 – 9:00pm. 10% of proceeds will be donated to The Simple Good. Participating artists: Hera (DE), Herakut (DE), Collin van der Sluijs (NL), John Wentz (US), Sepe (PL), Rodrigo Branco (BR), Greg Gossel (US), Pam Glew (UK), Super A (NL), Sickboy (UK), Philip Bosmans (BE), STATIC (UK), Stinkfish (CO), Joseph Renda Jr. (US), Brad Novak (NZ), Chadwick (US), and Elmo Hood (UK).


12-8-17.Works on paper

Recently i started on some new works on paper, here is one of them ‘Kemphaan’ watercolor and ink on 300 grams paper, 21 x 29,7 cm.

13-7-17 Mural for The Big Draw together with Super-A

Super-A and i just finished this mural at the Bloemerstraat in the city centre of Nijmegen (NL) for ”The Big Draw”

The bird is a mix between the ‘Wielewaal’ and the ‘Red Tangara’ a cultural mix that represents the inhabitants of the city, and specific historic and modern city elements from Nijmegen.The floral and blossom elements are standing for growth.

Photo by Sjoerd Bijlsma.

9-5-17. The Jaunt Alumni Trip, Lastovo, Croatia.

“This time around, I did not know the destination of my trip. When I boarded my flight to Croatia I finally had some time to let it sink in, but still I had no clue what was awaiting me. After arriving in Split I went straight to the harbour to catch a catamaran which took me on a four hour trip to Lastovo island. From the start the nature and the serene quality of the island made the most impression on me, aside from the brightly lit sky at night. There is something to the simple life, where people don’t worry about stuff too much and don’t get involved in each others business. Visiting Lastovo felt like a small escape from reality.

Even though the people on the island live relatively secluded, they proved to be very hospitable. In their broken English, they asked me questions about what I was doing on the island, and they showed a lot of interest in my stories. With one local family I traded a drawing for a dinner, while the family told me everything about their family and the island’s history. It was a blessing to have the island almost completely to myself and sit on the mountain tops with some lunch and a sketchbook.

Every morning I would get up around six in the morning to start drawing along with the sunrise and the shermen throwing out their nets in the sea. All of my experiences and all of the things I encountered are incorporated into one portrait. The colours are based on this faded mint green that I saw on many of the windows and the old red concrete bricks of which the houses were made.”

There are still a few prints available on The Jaunt Tictail and avery limited edition of handfinished prints, only a couple available!

“Jaunt Alumni” trip on the 22-28 March.

Very stoked about this! In 2013 i travelled to Porto for The Jaunt, and made a nice screenprint from that trip. Within a couple weeks i am joining the project again, but it’s a little different, i don’t know where i’m going to……the only thing i do know, the plain leaves on the 22nd of march…….

You can order your print here: www.thejaunt.net/trips