For 2015 i am planning to make a lot of work on paper besides projects and big paintings for upcoming shows and my webstore,here are some of them.


Wrong party’ Watercolours,spraypaint, ink on paper, 24 x 32 cm.


Happy new year everybody! 2015 is here! Started the year with some new works on paper in the webstore.

The Jaunt, book release.

The first book from The Jaunt is a fact!

Last year i had the oppurtunity to visit the city of Porto,and make a screenprint for the project. Now the book with the first 10 trips is available online with interviews, photos from all the artists that were involved.

Here is the info about the book:

When traveling the world new friends are found, experiences made, and comfort zones challenged. We send artists all over the world and they return with a bag full of new inspiration and experiences. Each artist keeps a travel journey and creates a unique artwork to visualise their trip.
To ensure that the inspiration lives on, we started collecting all the stories, drawings, snapshots and keepsakes made and collected by the artists on their trips. After realising the “gold” we had in our hands, we decided to publish a book, also including exclusive interviews and insights into the creative process of the artist. This is your possibility to join our first 10 artists on their trips and take a look behind the scenes.

We are proud to present a sneak preview of the book and now offer the possibility of pre-ordering. Below you can find a preview of our book with a selection of pages. Please note that edits might still occur in the final book.

The book is available here: www.thejaunt.net